Dr. Kenneth C. Brancik

, 04/06/2018

Dr. Kenneth C. Brancik is an experienced Technology leader and innovator and he continues to accomplish significant achievements throughout his career with increased responsibilities and successes in both industry and within his advanced graduate academic education. His strong track record in creating conceptual ideas and then implementing those ideas into practice for Cyber solutioning is noteworthy.

Kenneth has been the Chief Information Security Officer at Mount Sinai Health System for the past three years. Kenneth was awarded the coveted Technical Fellow title in 2012, a highly competitive program for engineers and architects employed at Northrop Grumman Information Systems (NGIS). He earned the Technical Fellow title based on decades of professional and academic accomplishments and his many successes as a practical thought leader and Cyber innovator at NGIS.

During his leadership tenure at NGIS, he was a key contributing member for setting strategy for the company in 2008 to help create the Cyber powerhouse they are today in support of creating the federal governments Cyber solutions. He was selected as the Managing Director of the companies multi-million dollar investment in the creation of the innovative and collaborative Northrop Grumman Cyber Security Research Consortium (NGCRC) with MIT, Carnegie Mellon and Purdue Universities. The universities collaborative work with NGIS produced cutting-edge technologies through their R&D efforts that were integrating into larger NGIS Cyber and Cloud security projects. His contributions at NGIS also included being a member of both the Advanced Technology and the Technology and Engineering Groups that contributed to winning contracts with the DHS, The U.S. Air Force and Navy. Kenneth was also a key contributor in the development of the NGIS Cyber Academy, where he contributed in the development of the Cyber foundational 101 and Secure Software Engineering courses.

Kenneth has worked senior leadership roles in Cybersecurity at JPMorgan Chase and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and was the Co-Director of a Cyber Security Working Group he created. During his time at the FED he evaluated technology risk introduced within industry led software development products to assess its impact on the financial services sector who are the recipients of the technology. Dr. Brancik also functioned as a federal bank regulator for the United States Treasury Departments Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) where he functioned as a National Bank Examiner assessing the financial and technology safety & soundness of those banks. Additionally, his work experience in corporate audit at Citigroup, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Merrill Lynch & Company allowed him to provide value-added audit recommendations and information security advisory experience for complex software development projects and audit recommendations for production systems. Kenneth also functioned in an advisory capacity while employed at Verizon Business, where he functioned as a Director and Trusted Security Advisor to a number of industries and C-Level executives within various industries.

Kenneth earned his Doctoral degree in computer science at PACE University. Kenneth holds active certifications of a CISM, CISSP, CISA and ITIL and is a published author of the seminal work he researched and developed for the insider threat problem: “Insider Computer Fraud: An-In-depth Framework for Detecting and Defending against Insider IT Attacks”, an ACM article entitled: “The Optimization of Situational Awareness for Insider Threat Detection” and “Cyber-Physical Security of a Smart Grid Infrastructure” that was published in the Proceedings of the IEEE. Kenneth earned his Masters Degree at NYU in technology where his research involved the creation of a computer forensics and cyber security governance model. His prior education included the successful completion a two year certificate program in the Analysis and Design of Information Systems at Columbia University, a one year certificate program in Systems Analysis at Grumman Data Systems Institute and a bachelors degree in Finance/Business Administration/Finance.