In the Boardroom with the Cyber Investing Summit Co-Founders , 07/23/2018
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In The Boardroom With…
Cyber Investing Summit  Co-Founders
​Lindsey Lachman & Andrew Chanin Thank you for joining us today, Lindsey and Andrew, and congratulations on the growth and traction that you have achieved with Cyber Investing Summit. Before discussing CIS in greater detail, please tell us about your background and may we have a brief history of CIS?

Andrew Chanin: I realized there was a great deal of interest about investing in the cybersecurity industry, and while there are many terrific product focused cybersecurity conferences, there are no events focused on the financial opportunities and strategies in the cybersecurity industry.

Lindsey Lachman: Andrew and I are cousins, and our company is entirely family run. We both have experience in the ETF industry, and our paths have always seemed to overlap. So, when Andrew approached me with the opportunity to help launch this innovative new conference, there was no way I could say no.

Andrew and I co-founded our conference business, Specialty Investing Series, in 2015. We hosted the First Annual Cyber Investing Summit at the New York Stock Exchange in May 2016. The Summit is now in its fourth year, and I am lucky enough to work with my family every day doing a job that I love. Care to summarize for our readers the main benefits of attending/sponsoring Cyber Investing Summit?

Lindsey Lachman: The Cyber Investing Summit is unique as it is the only cybersecurity conference focused primarily on the financial side of the industry. Our goal is to provide thought-provoking panels and networking opportunities for everyone in the sector from publicly traded firms, financial analysts and qualified investors to privately held companies, startups and venture capitalists.

Attendees and sponsors have the chance to create valuable relationships with key influencers in both the cybersecurity and the financial sectors. We also have great strategic partnerships with top media outlets, such as, and always try to facilitate introductions between our sponsors and the press. Several companies have even closed rounds of funding after taking part as sponsors at past Summits.